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The Complete Seamless & Stress free


Thinking of buying a 3D printer? Think again.


You don't get what you pay for.

Affordable 3D printers tends to break down easily and are often not built for durability.

[ Max 1.5 years of regular use ]


Lack of Durability

With a lifespan of 1-2 years, 3D printers often comes with micro problems arising within the first 6 months as it is a extremely mechanical machine.






Lack of quality after-product service often requires you to troubleshoot your printers with a DIY fix & a steep learning curve.

Filament spool



DON'T BUY CHEAP FILAMENTS. Filament quality impacts heavily on both print quality and long term machine durability.

The Truth Behind Our Bold Claims: Here's the Proof!

Customer feedback [broken 3D printer]
3D printer breaks down often
3D printer breaks down often
Buying a 3D printer is like owning a car...
Often requiring regular maintaince

"Owning a 3D printer often feels like burden rather than a helping hand..."

- YK Lim (NUS Student) -

The worse feeling is right before submission, you need to rush print something, only to find out that your printer had malfunction for the 3rd damn time in the month. 

- David (NUS Student) -

" It took me one whole day just to figure out what the WORDS even are for the problem... just to solve the issue all by myself in the end."

- SH (ex NUS Student) -

Thus, refocus on YOUR creativity

Plug & Play

Our high-end CREOs printers simplify the 3D printing process with an easy plug-and-play system that frees you from managing the printer and lets you focus on your creativity

Interchangeable tool head

& Replace

Contact our technicians if you’re having problems with your printer. We aim to repair it for you within the day. If it’s a hardware issue, we’ll simply do a 1-to-1 exchange with your CREOs head!

Interchangeable tool head
Interchangeable tool head

Exchange & Print!

Need a last-minute boost in printing speed and size? Swap your CREOs print head for our 0.6mm/0.8mm nozzles and continue printing at 4x the speed!


Creo.Works logo white

Welcome to Creo.Works, your gateway to a comprehensive and future-proof 3D printing experience! We are dedicated to providing you with all the essential tools and support you need to unlock your creative potential. Our mission is to empower you with top-quality printers, filaments, and accessories, ensuring you achieve outstanding results in every print.

At Creo.Works, we provide a QUALITY 3D PRINTER SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE, offering a complete ecosystem that constantly evolves to meet your needs. With our commitment to regular upgrades and expandability options, your printer will always stay at the cutting edge of technology. Join us on this journey of innovation and exploration, as we transform the way you 3D print and unleash your imagination. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with Creo.Works! 🚀🎨🌟

!! Sold Out !!

Subcription is now closed but pre-registeration is still open

  • CREOs Loyalty

    Every month
    A commitment to our veteran customers
    • Monthly Kexelled filament
    • In house servicing & support
  • CREOs Basic

    Every month
    Just so simple
    • CREOs Machine
    • Monthly Kexcelled filament
    • In house servicing & support
  • Best Value

    CREOs Maker

    Every month
    A designer's perfect partner
    • CREOs Machine
    • Monthly Kexcelled Filament
    • In house servicing & support
    • Nozzle size exchange program
  • CREOs Factory

    Every month
    Skipping the hassle of model-making
    • 2x CREOs Machine
    • 2x Monthly Kexcelled filament
    • In-house servicing & support
    • Nozzle size exchange program

Note: All subscription comes with a $600 deposit
[Returned after subscription has ended.]


Thanks for submitting!

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