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PLA K5P is a PLA material with metallic shades. More lustrous than normal metallic colors by specialized process adjustment, it shows bright metallic colors without post-treatment, such as painting and polishing.

In conventional plastic molding, spraying colors is an important later stage of the manufacturing process to make plastic look better. However, the spraying process requires workers and longer manufacturing time as well as pollutions to the environment and to the workers. PLA K5P does not require coloring, and products will be ready to go after simple polishing. Its surface will be smooth like spray paints. Users can also achieve different effects like matting using different 3D printer setting.PLA K5P colors will have the effects of metallic paint and can use acetone as polishing liquid or use our polishing solution.It could apply in an electronic appliance, car appliances. Other car interior trims home electronic appliances and its shells. Seize the opportunity to bring your designs to life with the exclusive Kexcelled K5 Metallic Textured Filament, available only at!

Kexcelled K5P METALLIC Textured Series

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  • With a generous 1kg spool size, this filament provides ample material for your 3D printing needs.

    Depending on usage, you can expect approximately two weeks of printing under heavy use and up to a month for light usage.

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