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Unveiling the Kexcelled K5M Matt Macaron Color Series—an electrifying extension of the acclaimed K5M lineup, adored by students and designers alike! Elevate your creative journey with these fresh, vibrant hues that promise to infuse a playful and energetic vibe into your projects.


Designed for those who crave a pop of fun in their creations, the K5M Macaron Series is here to revolutionize your model-making experience. Craft irresistibly cute and sweet items for your audience, making your creations the hottest trend for those who appreciate a touch of whimsy. Transform your designs into a feast for the eyes with the delightful charm of the K5M Macaron Color Series—because creativity should be as bold and exciting as you are! 🌈✨

Kexcelled K5M Matt MACARON Colour Series

Tax Included
  • With a generous 1kg spool size, this filament provides ample material for your 3D printing needs.

    Depending on usage, you can expect approximately two weeks of printing under heavy use and up to a month for light usage.

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