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Introducing the Kexcelled K5M Matt Series filament, brought to you in collaboration with - the ultimate choice for precise and high-quality 3D printing. Whether you're using an Artillery printer, CREOs printer or the Creality's Ender Series, this filament is engineered to deliver outstanding results every time!


With its remarkable matte finish and exceptional accuracy, the Kexcelled K5M is the perfect filament for creatives and students looking to create professional-grade architecture models, tools or samples with ease. Don't wait any longer, unleash your creativity today with the Kexcelled K5M Matt Series filament, exclusively available with!

Kexcelled K5M Matt MORANDI Colour Series

Tax Included
  • With a generous 1kg spool size, this filament provides ample material for your 3D printing needs.

    Depending on usage, you can expect approximately two weeks of printing under heavy use and up to a month for light usage.

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