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PLA K5Silk is a material with a silky texture. With PLA materials’ environmental friendliness and printability, its improved gloss and impact properties make it possible that filaments and printed parts to be free of irritating odors, and easy to print with a wonderful silky surface and strong interlayer adhesion.


Tailored for superior 3D printing across Artillery, CREOs, or Creality's Ender Series printers, this filament promises exceptional outcomes.Seize the opportunity to bring your designs to life with the exclusive Kexcelled K5 Silk Textured Filament, available only at!

Kexcelled K5 SILK Textured Series

Tax Included
  • With a generous 1kg spool size, this filament provides ample material for your 3D printing needs.

    Depending on usage, you can expect approximately two weeks of printing under heavy use and up to a month for light usage.

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